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Advance Praise for Applied Diplomacy Through the Prism of Mythology

Applied Diplomacy Through the Prism of Mythology: Endorsements

T.P.Sreenivasan, a master of multilateral diplomacy and advocate of international and Indian environmental action long before it was so fashionable to be, is that admirable global actor--more rooted at home than to a peripatetic
lifestyle. And when home in Thiruvananthapuram, why ever not? A very sharp thinker, elegant but unsentimental writer and a generous friend, this volume will reward expert writers and novices alike.
David M Malone, UN Under Secretary General
I have known the prolific and often surprising Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan in his many incarnations over more than a quarter of a century. Divya S.Iyer, with the uncanny link that she has established between diplomacy and mythology, adds value to this extraordinary output in this well-edited volume.
Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament
Divya S.Iyer has done her mentor, Ambassador Sreenivasan proud, by bringing together several of his thought-provoking and erudite contributions, on a whole range of subjects, in a most imaginatively structured compilation. Providing a running thread with India's own classical and religious traditions, she weaves Sreenivasan's wide-ranging  offerings into a coherent whole, illuminating the conceptual as well as experimental underpinning of her mentor's thoughts. A most creatively conceived gurudakshina to one of India's leading thought leaders on his seventieth birthday.
Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary of India
Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan's writings are delightful and thought-provoking , laced with humour. As is to be expected, borne by his earlier books, most of them are about diplomacy, strategic affairs and global institutions. Somewhat unexpectedly, (for those who do not know, like me), there are writings on Kerala too and a bunch of essays that can only be described as a potpourri. Apart from making you think, they will bring a smile to your lips---a rare trait of any author. The essays have been attractively edited and brought together by Divya S.Iyer, with a dash of mythology thrown in. The mythology won't be obvious until you read the essays. Those are some very good reasons for reading the book

Bibek Debroy, Professor, Centre for Policy Research

Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan has deftly popularised the art of statecraft and foreign affairs in India and reached out to a wider public to educate them about the nuances and constraints of diplomacy. This book reveals an interesting facet of Hindu mythology and its lessons for the conduct of diplomacy. It is a must read for everyone interested in the intersection of world politics and culture. A fascinating  collection of writings by a legend in India's foreign policy fraternity. Divya Iyer, the editor, with her deep interest in mythology has grouped the writings into chapters linked to seven legendary sages and shown how the conduct of diplomacy merges with mythology.
Sreeram Chaulia, Professor and Executive Director, JSIA

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